Search tips and tricks

Simple Search Word

The entire notice is searched for the beginning of the specified word. You can also specifiy more than one word, which are then linked with AND.

Example: The input gene finds all notices with words beginning with gene, like gene or genetics.
Example: The input agriculture gene finds all notices with words beginning with agriculture and gene.

A search expression between " " searches the title field for the specified character string.

Example: The input "and other writings" finds all notices containing somewhere in the title the character sequence "and other writings".

You can use % or * or _ as wildcard. _ replaces one sign, % and * replace one or more signs in the search expression.


A word can be truncated to a common stem. For truncation on the left a wildcard character (% or * or _) has to be added.

Example: The input *urning finds mourning, burning, turning, ...

All search terms are truncated on the right by default.

Extended search

Click on the button Extended Search.
Enter the the search term in the text field Search for. Select the search category from the dropdown list Search in. Add additional search terms and select the operator for combining the search criteria.